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  • Tools and resources to provide value to your patients
  • Assistance in retaining and maintaining your patients
  • Patient record management system gives the opportunity to publish medical journals

PARTNER OF SUGAR is a special association between you and Apollo Sugar Clinics to improve the outcomes in patients with Diabetes,Hypertension & Cardio-Metabolic disorder patients and create mutual synergy

As our Partner you get to retain all your existing patients, and improve your practice with more patients.

Having an ecosystem that provides comprehensive chronic care management, we assist your practice with the provision of Chronic care educator.
Technology-enabled solutions such as mobile apps can now track and improve treatment compliance in your patients.
Screening for complications and comorbidities Quick and Accurate Screening Tools.
Chronic care management center facilitates Lifestyle counseling and Guided behavioral modification which is important for better clinical outcomes.
  • POC Testing
  • Condition Management Plan
  • Connected Cardiac Care
  • Electronic Medical Record Software
POC-Point of Care Testing:
  • Quality results within minutes - Prevents re-visit of patients after obtaining the lab reports.
  • Integrated with patient's registration and check-in Connected cloud-based EMR and app
Glucometer Test
Connected Cardiac Care:
  • Connected ECG machine is accurate and comprehensive in its analysis, even in the toughest of field conditions.
  • Report is auto-analysed, however, sent to the patient through Apollo Sugar app after doctor's approval
  • Heart disease is now being detected years earlier inthe field - it takes less than a minute!
Glucometer Test
Condition Management Plan:
Apollo Sugar Condition management program aims to tackle key aspects of SMBG like
  • Increase adherence - Connected glucometers
  • Address physician interest – Digital Diabetes clinic helps doctor and care team monitor patients to deliver right interventions at right time and drive both quality and scale
Glucometer Test
Chronic care programs will help patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle modifications.

*To Know more about Chronic care programs, please contact our chronic care educator

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