Video Consultation Faq

Apollo Sugar Clinics provides an online platform to serve patients by eliminating boundaries of quality healthcare through online video consultations. It is a secure platform for people to consult India’s leading Endocrinologists & Diabetologists, Dieticians, and Diabetes Educators through Apollo Sugar App.

Any person with a smartphone and an internet connection can access Apollo Sugar Clinics video consultation. Video consultations are accessible by downloading Apollo Sugar App (Android or iOS version).

Any smartphone with a functional camera, microphone, and speakers can be used for Apollo Sugar Clinics video consultation. The smartphone should ideally have an internet capacity of 512 Kbps or more.

To get video consultations, it is necessary to download Apollo Sugar App. Once the app is downloaded on your smartphone, you have to click ‘Allow’ to the pop-ups requesting you to access your camera, and microphone.

You can download Apollo Sugar App from Google Play Store or Apple Store depending upon the make of your smartphone. You can log in as a “Guest” if you are not a registered patient at Apollo Sugar Clinics. If you are a registered patient at Apollo Sugar Clinics, log in as a “Member” by entering your UHID.

  • Click on video consultation on the home screen of Apollo Sugar App.
  • The next screen shows an option to book appointment. Click on “Book Appointment.”
  • Select a doctor of your choice and click video consultation.
  • Once you have clicked on this, enter the date and time of your choice for the video consultation along with personal details.
  • Continue to payment. Online payments are enabled through PayTm payment gateway.
  • You can use PayTm as a payment wallet or as a payment gateway for online payments.
  • People using long terms programs and home care kits are given coupon codes to avail of free video consultations.
  • Enter your present complaint, current medication, and any known allergies and click on “Continue.”
  • Your appointment for video consultation would be booked two days in advance.

You would receive an SMS and mail alert with a confirmation of booked appointment along with the date and time of the consultation.

Click Video Consultation on the home screen of the app. In the next screen click on Booked Appointments to view booked appointments.

After the video consultation, the doctor writes a prescription. A scanned copy of your prescription is sent via email. Advice from Dieticians and Diabetes Educators would also be sent via mail apart from instructions on video for your reference.

The doctor would give you a voice call to continue the consultation. If you have any queries, call our toll free number 1800 1010 103

If you cannot take the video consultation at the time of your appointment, you can cancel your appointment by clicking on Booked Appointments, and click on the option “Cancel.” Or, you can call our toll free number 1800 1010 103.

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