Diabliss Ginger Tea 100g

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  • Diabliss Ginger Tea is organic, zestful and doesn’t elevate blood glucose levels.
  • It’s a perfect blend of ginger flavour, aromatic tea goodness, and Diabliss Herbal Sugar.
  • It is fit for consumption for people with diabetes, prediabetes and wellness conscious individuals.

Diabliss Ginger Tea is available in a 100g pack


The impact of excess sugar consumption – especially from tea – is known most by people who are suffering from diabetes. They are advised by doctors to have low glycemic index food and avoid high sugar food and beverages. Elevations in blood glucose levels can increase the risk of diabetic complications in them. 

People with Diabetes and Pre-diabetes either reduce their overall tea consumption or switch refined sugar with artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners don’t have the same sweetness as natural sugar – they have a bitter chemical taste which is unpalatable. Thus, the need for a diabetes-friendly tea ends with Diabliss Ginger Tea that tastes amazing and doesn’t harm the blood glucose levels. It is a beverage scientifically proven for consumption by people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.


Diabliss Ginger Tea is produced from natural ingredients such as tea leaves produced in the fertile plains of Ooty, a place renowned globally as a tea production hub. Ginger used in the tea’s creation is also natural, zestful and organic. Add to that, all these ingredients are combined with Diabliss Herbal Sugar, a diabetes-friendly herbal cane sugar which is the world’s 1st low glycemic sweetener.


Diabliss Ginger Tea is a handy beverage that can be enjoyed on the go. The premix blend can be added to hot milk or water to immediately compose an aromatic beverage. This ease of use and a special combination of ingredients makes Diabliss Ginger Tea a tea for people suffering from diabetes unlike any in the market.