Sugar 90 Pro – What is Sugar 90 Pro?

Devised byIndia’s leadingDiabetologists and Endocrinologists, Sugar 90 Pro is a 90-day diabetes program that provides you total assistance to deal with diabetes, and its complications.

It is aimed to bring your blood sugar levels, total cholesterol, and other parameters in control so that you stay disease-free.

  • 20% reduction of HbA1c in all participants who adhered to the program
  • 24/7 support& close monitoring by doctors, dieticians, and diabetes educators to combat diabetes better.
  • Regular screening and advice for related complications to reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney/eye disease, and foot problems.

Our Success

People who adhered to Sugar 90 Pro had.

  • 20% reduction in HbA1c levels *
  • Reduction in total cholesterol in just 4 weeks *
  • Reduction of TSH in just 6 weeks *

*Results may vary from patient to patient