Sugar 360

More stability, better control, and a reason to stay worry-free…Making Diabetes Care Smart for you. Experienced Doctors. Connected Technology. Support of Experts

What is Sugar 360?

Sugar 360 is adiabetes care program designed to help you gain total control over your blood sugar levels. It helps you manage diabetes and its complications.This 12-month program is conceived to reduce your risk of heart disease, kidney and eye damage, and nerve damage that occurs in diabetes. Sugar 360 is an interactive program that provides clinical services along with support and assistance at home.

Instead of treating diabetes in isolation, Sugar 360 addresses all coexisting conditions and complications of diabetes. It is a perfect solution for someone who has high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and is at risk of other diseases.

Based on an innovative approach called SMART, Sugar 360’s core method lies in Self-awareness & education, Monitoring, Adherence, Rx compliance, Technology & training.

Sugar 360 has proven results to its credit:

  • 20% reduction HbA1c levels
  • Significant reduction in LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides.
  • Notable results in reducing weight.

1% reduction in HbA1c leads to reduction of risk by:

  • 15% in heart disease
  • 12% in stroke
  • 50% in foot amputation
  • 40% in blindness
  • 20% in deaths

Sugar 360 is ideal for bothpeople with or without complications of diabetes. Sugar 360 is a convenient program that provides:

  • Consultations with Diabetes Specialists
  • Complete Lab Tests
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Complication Screening
  • Connected Glucometer & Apollo Sugar app
  • Dedicated Services of Nutritionists & Diabetes Educators

Sugar 360 is Diabetes Care in the Clinic and at your Home!

Even before diagnosis of diabetes, there is a considerable amount of nerve damage in the eyes. That is why most people experience blurry vision as a symptom of diabetes. There isdamage also to blood vessels putting you at a risk of heart, kidney, and eye diseases.High blood sugar levels cause silent vital organ damage. This does not show up till a threshold point. But from then on, repairing damage and restoring good health is a challenge.

Sugar 360 is a program that manages to address this challenge successfully. People who have opted for this year-long intensive diabetes care program have found enormous improvement in HbA1c, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and obesity reduction.

Sugar 360 achieves this with ease by use of in-clinic and beyond the clinic services that help you to adhere to all lifestyle modifications important for controlling diabetes and its risks.

How Sugar 360 assists you Control Diabetes

  • Our in-clinic services with expert diabetes specialists and complete diagnostic tests allow total assessment
  • Treatment is prescribed according to current diabetes levels and the risk of organ damage
  • You get prescriptions filled and electronic medical records entered

Once this is done, you reach your home and get more assistance from Apollo Sugar Clinics. Our beyond the clinic services include:

  • Apollo Glucome connected glucometer with which you can directly send your blood sugar levels to our caregivers
  • Analyzing these sugar levels, you are given advice on diet, exercise, and medication
  • You are constantly in touch with our caregivers via Apollo Sugar app, which provides you reminders to take medications, and get tests done. Now, you never miss out on medications and tests
  • At home, you are bound to have queries on what to eat and how much to exercise. For this, our Clinical Nutritionists help you anytime. Balancing carbohydrates, exercise, and medications is now a cakewalk
  • Our Diabetes Educators call you periodically to give you advice and help you manage diabetes through good and bad days
  • Follow-up appointments, repeat diagnostic tests track your progress and help course correct treatment plan

People who have opted for Sugar 360 have benefitted in controlling diabetes and its dangerous complications successfully with ease.

Sugar 360 is an interactive one-year program that allows you to control diabetes and reduce the risk of vital organ disease. This we do by being there with you anytime, anywhere.Our in-clinic services help assess your condition, your risk of organ damage, and provide you a treatment plan. Our beyond the clinic services help you stick to this plan and achieve desired results.