Why MiniMed 640G insulin pump?

Advanced Features for better protection

In type 1 diabetes, blood sugar levels can fluctuate due to various reasons. Be it diet, physical activity, or even stress levels, you might have fluctuations that can lead to unwanted consequences. That’s why SMARTGUARD technology.

SMARTGUARD technology is intuitive. Using sensors, it detects the current glucose values and predicts an approaching hypoglycemia 30 minutes in advance. Insulin delivery automatically stops at this point keeping you safe.

When the sensors know the glucose levels are normalized, insulin delivery begins. For increased prediction, you can set multiple low sugar limits.

Personalized Settings

Take out the circuitous process of measuring sugar levels, logging values, calculating insulin dosage, and injecting daily. Now with personalized setting of MiniMed 640G insulin pump, your diabetes care is stress free!

  • Personalize basal & bolus settings for day as well as night
  • Programmable reminders for daily activities
  • Alert notifications with audio options & adjustable volume
  • Automatic calculation of insulin requirements with Bolus Wizard
  • Wireless glucometer that sends readings directly to the insulin pump for precise insulin delivery

User-friendly features

  • Waterproof
  • Easy handling
  • Designed for both lefthanders and right handers
  • Unique personalized accessories

To know more about MiniMed 640G insulin pump therapy and type 1 diabetes management, please visit our special training sessions.