45 year old professional – Female

Age: 40 – 50 yrs

Gender: Female, Occupation: A working professional

Are you a working professional with diabetes? Do you sacrifice your diabetes care for your family and work? Do you find it difficult to take time for periodical sugar tests?

Patients like you are uniquely prone to the complications of diabetes if it is not managed properly. Many risks like damage to the eyes, kidneys, and feet can reduce your quality of life significantly.

Only a professional and holistic management of your diabetes can reduce the risks of numerous complications. You need care that goes beyond medications!

At Apollo Sugar Clinics, we have provided holistic diabetes treatment for numerous patients like you with periodical screenings, medications, counselling, and lifestyle modifications.

Find a trusted partner for your diabetes care in Apollo Sugar Clinics with its unique features. Talk to dieticians, diabetes experts, and health coaches.

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