Diabetes Eye Complications – Overview

Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy and Eye Diseases in Diabetes
This is a patient awareness initiative by Apollo Sugar Clinics.


Would you go out on the road confidently if someone tells you that one in five drivers have vision problems? You wouldn’t as no one wants a road accident. But, if you come to know that there are many more hidden dangers that can create vision problems, wouldn’t it unsettle you?
Right from the usage of biomass fuel for cooking to the air pollution, there are many things that have the potential to create serious eye problems. In fact, what with the number of people with diabetes in India, we are staring a huge number of people prone to diseases related to diabetes and eyes.
Progressive or sudden vision loss is a very debilitating experience. Losing the ability to see the world is like losing the ability to live! Though many visually challenged people have been able to conquer this torrent of emotion and have excelled, it is very difficult for a person to cope with vision loss and blindness. It is best to avoid it.

In people with diabetes, unfortunately, the eyes are among the first to be damaged. This has various reasons. First, despite the massive awareness that is created on the early symptoms of diabetes, people tend to be diagnosed only after some damage has been done.
Secondly, though diet, exercise, and medication are prescribed as mainstay treatment, people have issues controlling their diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes along with a long tenure of diabetes combined with hypertension leads to diabetic eye problems.

Finally, the very nature of diabetes as a condition is glucose toxicity. High blood sugar levels in the blood, in toxic amounts, leads to immense pressure on the circulatory system in general. It especially wrecks the small blood vessels and the capillaries. And since the eye is a structure that is full of numerous small blood vessels, the damage to it is maximum along with the kidneys.
Diabetes causes cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. Considering the fact that diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause for blindness in people with diabetes, it is important for everyone to understand the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, its stages, and the prognosis.
As such India has the largest number of blind people in the world. Added to that, diseases of the eye like glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy are steadily rising. If you or your family member has diabetes, it pays to know the relationship between diabetes and eyes.
In this section, you would know about diabetic eye problems, their treatment, and how to prevent them.