Type 1 Diabetes

Apollo Sugar Clinics has redefined diabetes management and care with its customized type 1 diabetes program. Our special programs for both adolescents and adults suffering from type 1 diabetes are research and evidence based.

Sudden in onset and staying a lifetime, Type 1 diabetes is a demanding condition. It needs a multifaceted approach to manage the condition and improper management can lead to both short term and long term complications.

Our type 1 diabetes program is multidimensional. Your treatment goals are achieved with a holistic approach. With our program you get:

  • Robust maintenance of blood glucose levels.
  • Maintenance of healthy weight.
  • Reduction of the risk of complications related to type 1 diabetes.

These goals are achieved with the help of in-clinic management that involves consultations with Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Dieticians, and periodical diagnostic tests.

Patients and caregivers are trained in insulin management and its nuances by expert Endocrinologists.

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Technology-based solutions include:

  • Apollo Sugar App that helps with reminders, and promotes compliance with treatment.
  • SMS alerts that create awareness on the disease condition.
  • Provision of glucometers.

Our Diabetes Management Center provides:

  • Out bound calls to patients for diet and lifestyle counselling.
  • Personalized Health Coach.
  • Disease counselling by expert team.

Type 1 Diabetes ECO-SYSTEM


  • 24×7 management and monitioring
  • Comprehensive support to access Rx, Charts, Consultation brief on your fingertips