Diabliss Masala Chai 100g

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  • Diabliss Masala Chai is organic, flavoured and doesn’t elevate blood glucose levels.
  • It’s a perfect blend of masala flavour, aromatic tea goodness, and Diabliss Herbal Sugar.
  • It is fit for consumption for people with diabetes, prediabetes and wellness conscious individuals.

Diabliss Masala Chai is available in a 100g pack


Indians love to drink Masala Chai – they have it in the morning and afternoon as a daily routine. The beverage is enjoyed at home and outdoors at cafes and roadside vendors. But little do people know that this favourite beverage of theirs might be harming their body in the long run. Excess sugar harms blood glucose levels as it can raise it very rapidly. This is an alarming condition for people suffering from diabetes and prediabetes as such offshoots in blood sugar will cause complications of diabetes. Thus people with diabetes either reduce their consumption of sugar or use artificial sweeteners. Considering this, Diabliss has launched natural tea called Masala Chai which can be prepared easily by mixing it with hot water or milk. The convenience of Diabliss Masala Chai makes it the best companion for tea on the go – while travelling, at work, etc.


Diabliss Masala Chai is not a settlement but an indulgence. This natural tea is produced from the wholesome ingredients. It is made with the right blend of tasty, zingy tea spices. The tea leaves used in making Diabliss Masala Chai are plucked from the serene hills of Ooty – a destination known for its superior tea plantations. The tea is aromatic, flavourful and rejuvenating just the way Indians like it. The sugar used in this natural tea is Diabliss’ very own herbal sugar – the world’s 1st low glycemic index sweetener. Scientifically proven to improve and maintain blood glucose levels, the herbal sugar is safe and reliable for people suffering from diabetes and prediabetes to consume. 


Diabliss’ Masala Chai has a low glycemic index value at 50 and is a perfect beverage for Indians suffering from diabetes and prediabetes to consume. It helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels and is 100% safe and natural.