Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea 100g

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Wake up to a morning in a healthy and wholesome way. This pre-mix tea is juvenating combination of aromatic tea powder, tangy lemon extracts and Diabliss low glycemic cane sugar especially made for people with diabetes or prediabetes and those who are health conscious. It is a combination of

  • The freshest tea powder
  • Zesty lemon flavour
  • Diabliss natural sugar

Just add hot or cold water and your tasty herbal lemon tea is ready.

Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea is available in 100, 300 and 500 gram packs


Tea is an important beverage in India, but unfortunately it is made with dairy and lots of sugar, whether in homes, cafes, restaurants, offices or street vendors. Many places offer artificial sweeteners. Like sugar, even artificial sweeteners have many health related risks like metabolism issues like obesity, cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, stroke and more. Some tea loving people suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes reluctantly choose to stop drinking tea completely. Here is a chance for tea lovers to revert to their favourite habit of drinking tea by switching over to Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea. Tea lovers can keep Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea at their work places to avoid drinking tea overloaded with unhealthy sugar. Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea is one of the few tea brands that are diabetes friendly. The glycemic index is lower than 50 which is a 1st of its kind achievement! Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea can proudly boast that it is one of the few low glycemic index teas. Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea is also very easy to make. The mixture dissolves easily in water and the beverage is ready to drink. It can be enjoyed as hot tea or as a lemon ice tea simply by altering the temperature of the water. Summers can be the best time to relish an icy cold herbal lemon tea while monsoons and winters are the right time for a warmer variation.


Diabliss Herbal Lemon Tea is a premixed beverage that has the rejuvenating combination of aromatic tea powder, tangy lemon extracts and Diabliss low glycaemic cane sugar.


Tea lovers who have diabetes or pre-diabetes can now safely drink this concoction without worrying about spikes in sugar levels or weight gain. In fact this herbal lemon tea is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Normal Lemon Tea vs Diabliss Sugar in Herbal Lemon Tea

Normal Lemon Tea

Diabliss Sugar in Herbal Lemon Tea

High in calories

Low in calories

Increase in weight

Helps in reducing weight without compromising on taste


Can cause many health problems

Curative in health issues

High on the glycemic index

Low on the glycemic index

Start the day with health and happiness.