Your Journey

Welcome to Apollo. Here are a few tips to maximize the value of your experience with us. Bring a printout of this with you when you visit us. Will help you track everything you need to maximize your experience.

Before your visit:

1. Schedule an appointment. Expect confirmatory calls from the clinic and from central Diabetes helpline. These are all to keep your and doctor schedule as accurate as possible and respect everyone’s time.

2. Take a family member / primary caregiver with you to the appointment. Managing diabetes is a team sport. The more your family / caregiver understands about it, the more likely you will succeed in managing your diabetes.

3. Call the Diabetes helpline number to ensure you get the basic panel of lab tests pre-conducted. Typically, these are fasting glucose, post prandial glucose, HBA1c, Serum creatinine and lipid profile. Our team will help schedule a sample pickup from the convenience of your home. Getting these basic tests done a few days before your appointment will save you time during your visit. And we will ensure no duplication of the cost of these tests should they be part of any package, or any additional services recommended during your visit.

4. Checklist before you go to appointment:

  • If you maintain a Diabetes log book of glucose levels, nutrition schedule, please bring that with you.
  • If any previous prescription from Apollo or elsewhere, please bring that. Not just Diabetes, include all Rxs.
  • If you or your family member have a smartphone, please bring that also. This will be highly useful.

During your visit:

1. Expect to spend 2 to 3 hours in the clinic. Only about 15 -20 mins of this will be with the Doctor. About an hour will go into any additional tests or diagnostics needed and depending on the time/day, typically 15 mins – 30 mins could be in waiting area. The doctor may ask to see you twice if he/she so chooses, once for prelim and another after additional steps like counselling, any needed tests etc.

2. Remember to ask any of our staff for the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). Every clinic has at least one. You should plan to spend at least 30 – 40 mins (in one shot or in 2-3 bursts) with her. She will be your key contact to help you understand everything you need to know and do to manage Diabetes.

3. Before you leave the clinic, maximize your understanding of 4 key aspects of your Diabetes:

  1. Your prescription. Our CDE will explain which meds at what time and why. Especially if you are on insulin therapy, please take the time to understand correct technique. If the doctor has asked you to use glucometer, understand correct technique and SMBG schedule.
  2. Nutrition. Our CDE or Nutritionist will give you specific and personalized guidance on what to eat / what not to eat / why and how does it help you stay in control
  3. Exercise. Our team will explain the expectations around exercise. Whether you are young or old, male or female, have knee pains or not, use walking sticks or not, a simple and personalized approach to exercise is usually recommended.
  4. Follow up visit: If the doctor has asked you to come back for a follow up visit, please ensure your CDE makes a note of it, and of any tests that were recommended for your follow up visit
  5. Download app and know what to do when. Managing Diabetes day to day is all about scheduling things. When to take meds, when to eat, how much gap between meals, how much to walk etc. This is why we created our Diabetes app – it is highly customizable and all this infor can be configured and will auto populate at the right times helping you be 100% compliant with your treatment plan. Understand how to use health coach (your CDE) feature before you leave clinic

After your visit:

  1. Follow the steps outline above in “During your visit: 3rd bullet”! Every single day. Try to log everything in your app – when you took your meds, when/what you ate your meals, SMBG if any. The app will keep track of your exercise. The app will ensure you, doctor, CDE, Helpline are in synch on treatment progress.
  2. Ask the health coach anything you need to. She will navigate across our team (including with the Doctor) when needed, and get back in touch with you.
  3. Expect a call or SMS closer to your follow up visit date. Expect that the health coach (who is your CDE) will check in with you occasionally to see if everything is going well. If you have any questions, please ask the health coach via app, or if easier, please call the helpline number mentioned above.