Diabetes Monitoring Service


We will help coach and monitor you everyday for medication and BGM compliance

Accurate blood glucose monitoring. Sends values to caregivers and family members. In this difficult tome of lockdown, due to reduced flexibility of food, exercise, and increased levels of stress and anxiety, many Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients are experiencing dramatic fluctuations in Sugar levels. Even patients who generally had stable levels of Sugar and co-morbid hypertensive control are finding it difficult to maintain control. Our connected infra of counsellors monitoring Sugar levels and easy to use at home glucometer with no wires and app can be dramatically useful in monitoring Sugar levels and intervening early with clinical support.   

Multi-functional Apollo Sugar app which helps to track medicines, blood sugar levels, and diet at all times

Continuous assistance by diabetes educators & dietitians via video chat, & SMS to help patients achieve their target levels and track daily / weekly Sugar levels.


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Medication Delivery

Medication programs are beneficial to patients as medicines are delivered at your door step in these trying times to help patients adhere to medicines without stopping.

Once delivered to you, our patient, our program will support you on tracked daily and weekly compliance, so we can update your doctor about your medication adherence, and support you on refilling your next prescription from the convenience of your home.

Medication programs subscribed through Apollo Sugar includes Rx compliance and adherence tracker by a trained Sugar counsellor team along with discounts that are passed during buying.

Below is an example snapshot of medication tracker and compliance that is monitored constantly by our Diabetes expert team.

Home Sample Collection

Apollo Sugar has the history of successful home collection which includes urine and blood.

Collection is very streamlined and smooth, as always blood is drawn in a pain free manner by our trained and high quality phlebotomists. 

Samples are transported, analysed and reported back to you as well your doctor and clinic team electronically to keep it ready before your teleconsultation slot with your doctor.

Home collection is made both cost effective and easy during these difficult times of lock down, by our expert panel of tele counsellors and home collection team

*Apollo Sugar Home collection program includes HbA1c, Random/Fasting Blood Glucose, Lipid profile and Serum Creatinine to support Diabetes patients for a high quality review and clinical analysis by our world class doctors.


Doctor Consultation (Video / Teleconsultation)

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