Glucometer With 50 Strips

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Connected glucometer with no need for wifi, internet, or audio port connection to measure levels
Accurate blood glucose monitoring. Sends values to caregivers and family members
Comes with free Apollo Sugar app
Continuous assistance by diabetes educators & dieticians via video chat, & SMS

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What is Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer?

Apollo Glucome glucometer is a complete diabetes management tool.

It is a state of the art smart digital glucometer that sends your sugar values directly to your doctors and family members as soon as you measure them.

Digital blood glucose monitoring system
Accurate blood glucose monitoring and streaming to caregivers and family members
Reports on sugar levels and HbA1c estimate
No need for wifi, connectors, Bluetooth, or cellular connectivity
Flawless measurement accuracy
Meets the ISO accuracy standard
Can be used in various environments like home, office, hotels, and outdoors.


Why you need Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer?

To control diabetes you need:

  • To measure sugar levels regularly.
  • Tell your doctor about changes in sugar levels.
  • Know what foods are good and what to avoid.
  • Know how much exercise is optimum.

Our home care kit offers all these and more!

Staying in touch with Diabetes care team

Take guesswork out of your daily diabetes care

Sugar levels fluctuate due to numerous factors. By staying in touch with our care team constantly, you can avoid low or high sugar levels.

Our diabetes care team observes trends of your sugar levels and prescribes the right solution at the right time.

Measuring sugar levels

You need regular home diabetes checks in order to measure blood sugar level fluctuations. This will help your doctor optimize treatment, diet, and exercise.

Time of testideal for Adults with Diabetes
Before a Meal 70-130 mg/dL
1 to 2 hours after beginning a mealLess than 180mg/dL

Apollo Sugar Glucome glucometer

Effortless blood sugar measurement and recording

  • Instant transfer to caregivers and family members
  • Gives HbA1c estimate
  • Can add diet and exercise for tracking
  • Flawless measurement accuracy
  • Meets the ISO accuracy standard

Ensuring proper diet

Cutting down on sugars in your diet

With a healthy diet, you can control your sugar levels better. Our dieticians help you choose the best low-carb and high-fiber diets so that sugar release is slower in the body. This ensures that sugar levels do not shoot up.

How it Works


How Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucomter works



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