Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Pregnancy is a phase when a woman undergoes a number of changes, both physiologically and psychologically. Nurturing new life within is not an easy task, and the body needs to prepare and buck up to be the life-giver. While motherhood is a delightful experience for most women, it becomes ever-important for women to take care […]

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Is gestational diabetes permanent?

Is gestational diabetes permanent? Ridhima was inconsolable. She got pregnant for the first at the age of 32 after years of trying. But, something was not right. During her 27th week of pregnancy, she started experiencing the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Upon further investigation, she tested positive. Thanks to the support of her mother and […]

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What are the symptoms of Gestational Diabetes?

What is gestational diabetes? Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is defined as glucoseintolerance that begins or is firstdetected during pregnancy. The detection of gestational diabetes is important because of its associated maternal and fetal complications. According to the ADA guidelines, patients should be screened for risk factors for gestational diabetes during pregnancy at their initial visit. […]

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