City wise

Prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in different regions of India along with key insights derived from ongoing diabetes screening activity conducted by Apollo Sugar Clinics.

Gender wise

Gender wise prevalence and incidence rates of diabetes across different parts of India with differences in clinical presentation and complications arising from duration of diabetes.

Obesity wise

Prevalence of obesity and prevalence of diabetes in populations with various BMIs along with the occurrence of comorbidities.

Family History wise

Cross-sectional study for presence of diabetes in populations with known family history of diabetes along with other socio-demographic characteristics.

History wise

Study of populations for prevalence of diabetes along with presence of other comorbidities in correlation with personal medical histories.


Study of populations across India with prevalence of diabetes, known/undetected diabetes, and other complications of diabetes in correlation with random blood glucose levels.

Type 1

Insights from cross-sectional, socio-demographic study on the prevalence of type 1 diabetes in correlation with other parameters.


Prevalence of gestational diabetes in various regions of India in correlation with other parameters like obesity, gestational age, and known family history of diabetes.


Study of changing lifestyles and its influence on prevalence of diabetes across different regions of India.

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