60 Year Old Retired man

Age: > 55 yrs

Gender: Male, Occupation: Working or Retired

  • Are you a diabetic for more than15 years?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining a regular exercise and diet regimen?
  • Do you feel that your sugar levels are affecting your overall health?

If you are a diabetic for the past 15 years, you might have prolonged, uncontrolled sugar levels and that puts you at a high risk of serious complications.

Did you know that improper management of your diabetes can reduce your lifespan significantly?

Diabetes causes many complications that can result in hospitalization.

While medications only help in the short term, you can now reduce the risk of hospitalization to a great extent with Apollo Sugar Clinics’ holistic care.

It is a complete program with all Diagnostic Tests, Consultations with highly experienced Diabetologists,Dieticians, and Health Coaches.

Along with all this, you get a simple and easy to use Apollo Sugar app for 24/7 healthcare with updates, reminders to take medicines, and more.