Mr. Gagan Bhalla

CEO, Apollo Sugar Clinics

Message from our CEO :

On behalf of all of us at Apollo Sugar, Namaste. I am delighted that we are all coming together against diabetes - a movement that aims to pool our resources and energies together in this fight against diabetes.

In our country, everything is happening fast. Even diabetes. We already have a significant diabetic disease burden, compounded with lower diagnosis rates, faster onset, faster progression of complications, and generally poor blood glucose control levels. Our awareness challenge is large - a substantial risk of undiagnosed cases, with 30% of pre-diabetics progressing to become diabetic. Our quality of care challenge is even starker - we, as Indians, have fragmented care options and highly varied standards of care for our diabetes: Doc A treats Sugar, Doc B treats the eye, Doc C treats the foot. Neither one of them has easy access to longitudinal history or a full 360 degree view of the patient. Innovation under such challenges is the need of the hour. Please join us and spread the word to come together against diabetes.

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