Premium home care kit

With Apollo Diabetes Homecare kit, you now get support, advice, and guidance to manage your diabetes from the comfort of your home

Sugar app for continuous assistance
Video consultation with leading diabetes specialists & endocrinologists from your home
Continuous monitoring & live tracking with connected glucometer along with real-time advice
Alerts & reminders for medications & tests with Apollo Sugar App
Chat with Care Team & Dieticians

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What is a
Diabetes Home Care Kit?

Apollo Diabetes Home Care Kit is a Digital Diabetes Clinic at your home. It's a complete kit that contains all that you need to manage diabetes. Curated by experienced doctors, our Diabetes Home Care Kit provides solutions for all your diabetes needs. Managed by experts, it is your interface to our clinics.

With a Home Care Kit:
  • You can consult Diabetes Specialists at the comfort of your home

  • Measure sugar levels, send them instantly, and get immediate advice.

  • Chat with our Nutritionists to know what to eat.

  • Interact with our Diabetes Educators to know about medications, insulin dosage, and all diabetes-related queries.

  • Get Tasty & Healthy Diabetes Recipes

It's a 12-month program that helps you reach your target blood sugar levels with ease.

Diabetes Home Care Kit?

Caring for your diabetes is a balancing act. While taking care of your family, career, and other interests, you have to give sufficient time to manage diabetes - to plan your meals, for exercise, and timing your medication with meals.

This can get tough and often, diabetes care takes a backseat. In order to keep you healthy, and keep your sugar levels in control, Apollo Sugar Clinics has come up with a kit you can carry anywhere. Now, your diabetes care is a team work!

Our doctors, diabetes educators, and nutritionists constantly help you take the right decisions.
  • Equipped with a connected glucometer, our experts are aware of how your blood sugar levels behave. Accordingly, we advise . With a user-friendly Apollo Sugar app, you get reminders and alerts to take medications, get diagnostic tests, and track progress

  • Video Doctor Consultations help you consult experienced Diabetes Specialists at the comfort of your home

  • Our Nutritionists help you modify your diet and keep sugar levels in check

  • Diabetes Educators assist you with medications and diabetes-related queries

  • With our shoe voucher, you get diabetes shoes designed to protect your feet from foot ulcers and infections

You can now bid goodbye to erratic sugar levels and all diabetes-related problems with our team of specialists assisting you at home.

How it Works

Apollo Diabetes Home Care Kit contains well-chosen ingredients that help you gain control over diabetes. Once you have your very own Home Care Kit, you are ready to start the 12-month journey towards good health and better diabetes control.

As soon as you sign into the Home Care Kit ecosystem, you are ready to use Apollo Sugar a pp and redeem our shoe voucher. Once in the system, you can coordinate your Apollo Glucome connected Glucometer with Apollo Sugar app. This done, your 12-month program is totally active.

All services of Diabetes Educators and Nutritionists are activated and you get your video doctor consultations.

Sugar 360 Platinum A comprehensive 90-day program to reach target blood glucose levels with diagnostics, complication screening, technology-based assistance and interactive sessions.

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