Diabetes Home-care Kit with 20 strips


India’s first interactive glucometer with complete diabetes support

Interactive glucose monitor for home diabetes check
Multi-functional Apollo Sugar app
Continuous assistance by Apollo Sugar Clinics expert diabetes care team
Diet and Exercise plans with regular assistance & diabetes diet recipes

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What is Apollo Sugar Diabetes Home Care Kit?

Manage the challenges of diabetes comprehensively

Apollo Sugar Diabetes Home Care Kit is a comprehensive diabetes support program for 12 months. With this program, you gain control over your sugar levels with constant support from Apollo Sugar Clinics’ expert diabetes care team.

Apollo Diabetes Home Care Kit support

Dedicated, customized 12-month support to gain control over diabetes

Self-monitoring: Robust, user friendly glucometer with strips
24/7 support: With multifunctional Apollo Sugar app
Alerts & Reminders: Medication, diagnostics, diet, & exercise alerts on your smartphone
Diabetes Diet Plan<: Customized diabetes diet plan, & dietician calls
Tracking Progress: Periodical calls from diabetes educators to answer your queries on diabetes and track your progress



Why Apollo Sugar Diabetes Home Care Kit?

High quality results. Apollo Sugar Trust

Diabetes harms your body secretly without your knowledge. It is visible only after most of the damage is done. That is why you need to take charge of your health and control sugar levels.

For this, you need regular diabetes home tests, a diabetes diet plan, and guidance on lifestyle.

Continuous support from Apollo Sugar Diabetes care team

Timely advice when you need it most

Regular monitoring of sugar levels by expert diabetes care team
Medication, sugar level, diet, and exercise alerts from Apollo Sugar app
Video chat with dieticians for personalized diet advice
Consultations with diabetes educators and dieticians for in-depth lifestyle assessment and advice

Self-monitoring with One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer

High accuracy, interactive self-monitoring device

  • Provides accurate blood sugar level measurements
  • Contains gold and palladium test strips
  • Gives results in five seconds
  • Instantly shows the range of sugar levels in high, low, & normal

Affordable Diabetes Care

More value with a personalized touch

  • Help you measure, monitor, and control your diabetes comprehensively
  • Dedicated services of Apollo Sugar expert diabetes care team at affordable prices and available at home
  • 24/7 support
  • Services available for one year
  • Specially designed diabetes socks for feet protection

How it Works

It’s simple, easy, and highly effective! Once you receive your diabetes home care kit, you log on to our Apollo Sugar app (Id & download link will be provided via SMS). With Apollo Sugar app you can upload your medications in order to get reminders. Also, you can set your diet and physical activity log and get prompt advice from our diabetes care experts.

With an interactive glucometer like One Touch Verio Flex glucometer, you can monitor your blood sugar levels, upload it to our app and get reports of our estimated HbA1c levels.

Sugar One

Get a quick and complete assessment, robust treatment plan, and effective action guide for self-care with Sugar One

Sugar 90 Flexi

20% reduction of HbA1c in all participants who adhered to the program. Notable reduction in total cholesterol..

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