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Dr. S.K.Wangnoo - Endocrinologist in Delhi/NCR

Dr. S.K.Wangnoo

Dr. Subhash Kumar Wangnoo is currently heading the Apollo Centre of Obesity, Daiebtes and Endocinology (ACODE) At Indprapratha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. Particular research interests are fo the disturbances of metabolism found in people with diabetes, especially in relation to insulin therapy, and in the optimal design and implementation of insulin regimens using new and conventional insulin preparations, and the development and use of other new medications. Apart from diabetes, his other areas of interest lie in thyroid, reproductive endocrinology and pituitary disorders, on which he has numerous publications. Apart from his academic accomplishments, he is actively involved in healthcare projects involving the community regarding the spread of awareness of diabtes, its treatments of complication. He is actively involved in lecturing and teaching on the management of endocrine disorders in his capacity as a speaker/faculty in various conferencees. He is presently the Academic Coordinator of the DNB program at Apollo Hpsoital, New Delhi.




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