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Dr. Anish Behl - Endocrinologist in Mysore

Dr. Anish Behl

Dr. Anish Behl is a Consultant Endocrinologist. He has experience and expertise in treating all kinds of Endocrine disorders and ailments, but has a special interest in Type I Diabetes Mellitus, Metabolic Bone Diseases, and Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder. Dr. Behl did his graduate and postgraduate medical studies at Mysore Medical College – he completed the MBBS degree course in 1996, and qualified as an MD in General Medicine in 2000. During his postgraduate training, Dr. Behl worked in various hospitals in Karnataka and gained experience in Neurology, Psychiatry, Cardiology, Oncology, Dermatology and Radiology. From August 2001 to July 2004 he completed his Senior Residency in Endocrinology from B Y L Nair Hospital (Mumbai), and also obtained the DM (Endocrinology) superspeciality degree. Dr. Anish Behl has been very active over the years as a speaker at numerous Continuing Medical Education (CME) programmes, as well as at medical conferences, symposia and other scientific meetings of the medical fraternity. He has also been involved in several research studies and clinical trials.




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