Diabetes Programs

Apollo Sugar Clinics presents its new holistic diabetes treatment and management programs with numerous features including doctor consultations, diagnostics, screening, evaluation, medication, diet & exercise counseling, mobile apps and many more.

Sugar One

A one-time, all encompassing diabetes screening with complete diagnostics, assessment, and assistance.

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Sugar 90 Flexi

A comprehensive 90-day program to reach target blood glucose levels with diagnostics, complication screening, technology-based assistance and interactive sessions.

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Sugar 360

Get a comprehensive, year long 360-degree assessment, diagnostics, management, and care for Diabetes with in-clinic, tech-based and interactive sessions.

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Gestational Diabetes

Total management of Gestational Diabetes with a unique in-clinic, and technology-based approach.

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Type 1 Diabetes

An all-inclusive type-I diabetes management program for children with insulin management, diagnostics, and periodical complication screening.

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