Medical Advisory Board

Diabetes cannot be cured but it can be controlled with a disciplined approach of clinical care and lifestyle management. Our Medical Advisory Board comprises of well experienced Endocrinologists, Diabetologists, Podiatrists and Ophthalmologists of the finest repute. With a vision to help diabetics lead a disease-free lifestyle, Apollo Sugar has evolved to become a completely self-sustained diabetes care centre.

What makes Apollo Sugar, undoubtedly, the best diabetes care centre is:

  • Apollo and Sanofi's expertise in high quality and ethical approach to healthcare
  • A platform for the best endocrinologists, diabetologists and extended complications management clinicians, in the country.
  • Treatment plans and packages tailored to suit the Indian patient profile
  • Best practices built through regular interactions and workshops

 Apollo Sugar's global best practices include:

  • Access to clinical and research based knowledge with world-class partners like Joslin, Sanofi and others
  • Establishing a framework to bring together the best of both worlds, global expertise to support India specific treatment conditions